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Friends of the Earth: Recycling vs Upcycling

Over the holidays you might have seen bags or other items made from other products like t-shirts or jeans. This is called upcycling. Popular items used to upcycle include clothing, plastic bottles, tin cans, and furniture. Upcycling the original item is usually still recognizable once it is made into something new. Recycling breaks down the original in order to create something new like turning old tires into playground mulch. Using an old newspaper as a biodegradable flower pot would be upcycling. 

Not everyone has an eye for upcycling and that is okay! Before you recycle or throw something away, consider if someone else can use it. If you are unsure give us a call! The Reuse Center is the perfect place for a lot of different things to be upcycled. Fabrics, coffee cans, ribbon, office supplies, packing supplies and more are all things in the Reuse Center. You can list items for free on Facebook Marketplace or groups to see if anyone can use something before you get rid of it. 

Brittany Feltner, Education Coordinator at Henry County Solid Waste District. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@HenryCountyRecycles). #HenryCountyRecycles

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