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Friends of the Earth: Reuse Center

Shop for Free!  If you are a teacher, daycare provider or part of a church program, dance or theater group, scout troop, art program, Head Start, etc.., Please come to our Reuse Center to “shop” for free resources! A few of the items currently available are poster paper, greeting cards, yarn, matte board, 3 ring binders, fabric and food grade buckets, glass jars, egg cartons, plastic containers, office supplies and much more! Take advantage of this opportunity to put these materials to good use in our community!

Residents can donate!  Are you moving, a retired teacher or crafter who has craft materials to donate? Please bring your items to our Reuse Renter and they will be put to good use!

Cut Business Costs!  This program can help companies in the area save costs on waste disposal and trash hauling fees while positively affecting the environment and supporting the non-profit community. Many businesses in the District are already reaping the benefits associated with our Reuse Center. The purpose of our facility is to redirect depreciated, outdated, overstock or by-product materials destined for the landfill. The materials will be distributed free of charge to non-profit organizations. By donating unwanted or damaged but usable goods, your company can save on waste disposal fees and benefit our community! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure takes on new meaning as residents of Henry County are able to put these contributions to good use and the environment benefits by the conservation of natural resources. Please call (765) 529-1691 to inquire.

Brittany Feltner, Education Coordinator at Henry County Solid Waste District. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@HenryCountyRecycles). #HenryCountyRecycles

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